Static Display Art Pieces

“Power of 3”


In this sculpture, I wanted to incorporate the representation of a simple looking and unique sculpture with hidden features that make it very complex.

A “Simple Complexity”…   This allowed me the ability to create a riddle that people will enjoy trying to solve for a very long time to come. 


The first are the ones easy to see. Gears, hands, and the pipes are the mount for me.   

Some are hidden in time to be and those are pointed right at the key.    The eighth of the threes is found with a stick. Only in-person can you measure the height of it.   

Some are numbers divided by it(3). The 6, the 9 and 15 are the ones that fit. 

6 can be found in front of your eyes. The dials make it easy and not a surprise. 

The 9 is a wrap and stands very tall, holding it together so it would not fall. 

15 is the number measured in degrees. Take a look from the sky and you will find me. 

There is one last three and tricky at best. The screws make the clue but only I know the rest. 

If you ever want to cheat the riddle and know, the answers are always hidden below.   If you happen to solve the answers that be, you will have inherited the knowledge and

“The Power of 3″…  

“The V1”

A playable violin in the form of a piece of art.

Limited edition of 100

Available only through Gulfport Galleria of Fine Art Art in Gulfport Mississippi. Waiting list orders only. Purchase price is $3000 with a $1k deposit.